How To make cash by Selling Digital Products Easily

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How To Sell Digital Products Easily

Internet is really amazing , with the help of websites, email newsletters and social media anyone can easily sell digital products directly to the customers without any barrier. you can sell many types of downloadable digital products like Music, eBooks, photos, website templates, coupon codes, Graphics, video courses etc.. 

There are some ecommerce platforms too that allows you to sell digital products online easily like, E-junkie, Shopify, FastSpring, Instamojo and WooCommerce and many more. Its on to you that which platform you wanna choose. But, I will help you to build your own digital store easily using  Google and PayPal.

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Suppose you have created an eBook or PDF, and now you want sell it for real money with the help of any eCommerce platform. Bloggers with little or no technical skills who want selling a product from a blog often choose to use the distinctive PayPal button 

PayPal is a very secure system to implement it on your eCommerce platform. If the customer wanna purchase your product, will be redirected to the Payment page to complete payment process and later he will get the download link.

Let’s walk through the setup process to see how easy it is.

Step-by-step installation guide

  • Sign into PayPal
  • Got to “Profile”
  • Select “My Selling Tools”
  • Click “Website Preferences”
  • Turn on “Auto Return for Website Payments”
  • Turn off “PayPal Account Optional”
  • Save and head to “Merchant Services”
  • Select “Website Payments”
  • Choose “By Now Buttons”
  • Fill out “Step 1”
  • Scroll down to “Step 3: Customize advanced features”
  • Check the Box “Take customers to this URL when they finish checkout”
  • Enter the URL of the intended download page
  • Save Button
  • Copy & paste the code in that page now

After saving your page, the customer will be able to use it with the full functions. For further instructions on setting up your WordPress sales page, this guide from Heather Porter is a great read.


  • Simple and quick to setup
  • PayPal “Buy” button is well known


  • Need to open PayPal Premier or Business Account
  • Need to host the download on your own server , no additional features to help you maximize your sales, like video streaming, video previews, analytics, or integrating with Mail Chimp or AWeber
  • Still using the unattractive PayPal checkout that means customers are transferred away from your site. 

So, That’s all for now. I hope you guys have found this article knowledgeable and rich in Information. 

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