How To Quality Check a New Laptop

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How To Quality Check a New Laptop

Hello there, today we are going to discuss the important things to check when you got the new laptop, like when you are going to have a new laptop then what are the key things about “How To Quality Check a New Laptop”

When your laptop arrives then it is important to check, before you open the box & packaging. Then have to ensure all the important parts of the laptops are in the right place. 

Any damage suffered during delivery, and if it has been done, take pictures, just ensure if you find a problem inside the Laptop. When you open the box, make sure that all the important peripherals, such as the adapter and battery, are correctly nestled between Styrofoam. Afterward, it’s finally time to check out your new device, with any protective material in place, the go ahead and just start the system.

From here on, make sure that the system you have is the one you ordered and it runs as it should, with no hiccups, dead pixels, or faulty components.

How To Quality Check a New Laptop: Key Points

Let Me Explain in Detail…

How To Unbox and Quality Check a New Laptop
So guys, I am mentioning Few steps below about “How to Quality Check a New Laptop”.
Step 1   Inspect Packaging And Box
So you will have to visually inspect the whole packaging of your device First when your laptop arrives:
  1. Search for the noticeable dents, rips and other signs of any kind of abuse  with the packaging.
  2. Check whether the box is still sealed or not (Just check that the box has not been opened and repacked).
How To Unbox and Quality Check a New Laptop
Step 2   Inspect the Inside Box and Elements
And the second step is to check the product elements:
  1. Keep an eye on each of the corner of the chassis and ensure that there are no fractures, marks and cracks.
  2. The top and bottom area of the box should also be free of any sign of abuse on it.
  3. Open & close the lid of the device several times, It should be operating smoothly without any unusual noises.
  4. Press the every single key present on the keyboard for at least once.
  If, all the parameters are good then just go ahead and install the batteries & connect to power supply and turn it on.
Step 3 : Laptop specifications
If you got a new computer the last thing that you will have to check is about the computer specifications.  Here I have mentioned some important things that you will have to ensure that, all the things are working fine.  
  1. Access the system properties window and check the operating system, processor and installed memory (RAM). [Windows] + [Pause]
  2. Check the computer storage drive capacity.  to do that just open the run menu by pressing Windows + R keys  simultaneously,  then Type there diskmgmt.msc & Hit the Enter.
  3. And the final thing is to ensure that all the input and output ports are present and working fine.  Such as USB, VGA, LAN and HDMI ports you may use it in a future I need and examine all the ports by Plug-in them and use it for at least once. And you are done every single step to ensure that the laptop is working fine.
How To Quality Check a New Laptop

So guys as per my experience and knowledge, I discussed every single thing that you will have to ensure, whenever you buy a new laptop or computer.

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