Top Tech Brand Rivalries

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Top Tech Brand Rivalries

In this Article, I am gonna Share information about some biggest Brand Rivalries in the field of Technology. As we already know, Everything is fair in love and War. And, Its like a Genuine War but not in arena or battlefield, But in Court and Lawsuits.

So, Lets Focus on the main Content…..

Samsung Vs Apple IPhone

Samsung is a South Korean Based company, which is founded by Lee Byung-CHUL IN 1938 as a Trading Company focusing on Food Processing, Textile, Insurance and Retail Sector. As the time got influenced and Samsung started expand there business and area of interests too. And by the Late 1960s  samsung entered the electronic Industry. And by 1990s it starts  manufacturing  Mobiles. And in 2012, Samsung electronics became the worlds largest mobile phone company and overtakes Nokia (one of the leading company since 1998). An, It got into the Power and became the biggest Rival Of Apple Inc in the sector of Smartphone, which gave the very tough competition to iPhone.

Apple vs samsung

We can not Judge both of the companies but still If we think of smartphone, both of the company has there own goodwill. Where Samsung makes android based phones and Apple is based on iOs, so if the customer is iOs addicted then he will definitely choose iPhone no matter what it will cost him. But if the customer doesn’t care about operating system, then he will definitely go for Samsung.


HP – Hewlett Packard and IBM – International Business Machines Corporation will always be the Rivals of each other. Nobody knows , who is the winner of all the time because nobody lasts forever on the top. It just depends on the consumers. But if we will consider the revenue then in this case IBM is the winner, but if will look at the profit point of view we will get HP as the winner.

HP has its goodwill on the perspective view of customers, but in the case of IBM, it has its goodwill on the business organisation as it works on B2B (Business to Business) Model.


If you guys do internet surfing then you will definitely find many ads campaign  by Microsoft and Mac. Many of us already know that Apple and Microsoft  are the biggest brand rivalries of all the time, since they were started till now, and will Last Forever. Apple was started in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne while Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975. 

mac vs win

But the Real War was started in 1987 when bill gates released Windows 2.0. Later Apple filled a Lawsuit on Microsoft claiming that Microsoft has stolen 182 different elements from Macintosh Operating System. And till now its going on between Windows and Mac.

We can not decide the winner, because both of the companies has there remarkable goodwill in the market. If we will ask any consumer to buy a Good computer for him, he will definitely choose Mac if he has the enough budget. But if the consumer is belong to the middle class, and has not enough budget then he has only one option to buy a PC. So, It means both of the things are same but the only difference is the cost and operating system only.

Canon Vs Nikon

No Matter all of you have used camera for at least one time in your entire life, and that must be of Canon or Nikon only, i guess. We all know about these companies, both of the companies has there headquarter in Tokyo, japan. Nikon was started in 1917 and after 20 years canon was Founded in 1937.


The battle between these two companies is not gonna finish soon. Both of the companies has there own market and customers which are addicted to the brand names. So, in this case no one has won the wrath. Both are on the same page.

So, That’s all for now. I hope you guys have found this article knowledgeable and rich in Information. 

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