Top 5 Streaming Software

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Top 5 Streaming Software

1). OBS - Open Bradcasting Software

Open Broadcaster software package (more unremarkably referred to as OBS) Studio may be a powerful open supply project that’s designed by a community. Open supply software package like OBS Studio is absolve to use, creating it a preferred selection for price-conscious live streamers. OBS Studio offers all the live streaming necessities you wish to make an excellent wanting broadcast, however lacks the advanced options of skilled paid software package.

Being an open source project, however, OBS Studio is a highly customizable. New features and plugins are being released by the developer community all the time. This means that if you are willing to tinker with it, there is an impressive amount of functionality you can get out of OBS.


This however also means there is no centralized user support team to help you out if you’re having trouble. You need to be self-reliant and figure things out for yourself. This usually isn’t an issue for relatively tech-savvy users who are able to set-up and troubleshoot independently, but newer users might face difficulties. Lucky for beginners, there is a multitude of guides and tutorial videos on the web to help.

Price: Free.
Bottom line: Great for technical users in search of a free resolution with no would like for advanced options like virtual sets, multi-streaming, and guest hosting.

2). Streamlabs

Until a couple of year past, Stream labs was simply a streaming tool, mostly used by gamers with some other piece of streaming software. Because an honest proportion of gamers used Stream labs with OBS, it absolutely was solely logical to mix the 2 to make one very powerful streaming software package. Thus, in January 2018, Stream labs OBS (or SLOBS) was born. Since then, it gained huge popularity among gamer and non-gamer streamers alike. Just like OBS, SLOBS is also open-source.

Streamlabs OBS feels very similar to OBS Studio, but with a more slick and user-friendly design. Almost everything you need is conveniently grouped in the Streamlabs Dashboard. Many features, which can be accessible in OBS with plug-in are all made in SLOBS. This includes social widgets (donation and subs tracking, real time game alerts, chatbox, etc.), thousands of free overlays, face masks, audio filters, a video editor, and other fun stuff. SLOBS has better support than OBS, with real-time discord support and trouble-shooter.

SLOBS is primarily gamer-oriented, which makes it a great tool for the individual streamer who wants to make money live streaming. It actually gives lower CPU usage because it works on the game specific encoding system. 

Streamlabs OBS is still working on polishing their product. As of today, SLOBS is still in beta mode and is only available on Windows.

Price: Free.
Bottom line: The gaming community is raving about SLOBS. It is ideal for those who are familiar with OBS and Streamlabs. Stream labs OBS offers all the necessary tools for going live on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Live, growing your community of followers, and managing your revenue from live streaming. Browsing forums, we’ve noted that OBS and SLOBS seem to be fighting it out for the spot of best free streaming software, and it usually comes down to user preference.

3). XSplit

XSplit has two versions. And, Both versions have a clean, intuitive interface containing all the essential live streaming and recording capabilities. The Gamecaster version is slightly stripped down to contain only the essentials needed for game streaming. XSplit recently released their VCam tool, which allows the user to blur, replace, or remove their webcam background without using a green screen. In our opinion, a very cool feature.


It is a free service, And with the free version user will get standard streaming Service. This includes watermarks on streams above 720p resolution and/or 30 fps framerate, as well as on streams that use the VCam feature. The paid version lets you get rid of the watermarks and access more advanced features like multistreaming.

Advanced users might take issue with XSplit’s limited number of recording formats (MP4 and FLV only), however more casual users likely won’t care. It’s also important to keep in mind that XSplit is available only on Windows, so Mac users will have to look another solution.


Unlike OBS Studio, XSplit offers technical support and releases occasional software updates to ensure customers are equipped with the latest features. You can additionally simply add community-created plugins to boost the live streaming expertise.

Unlike most different software package, XSplit doesn’t embody configuration presets for popular streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Setting up XSplit therefore requires a bit of encoding knowledge, so if you’re not familiar with bitrates, keyframes, and audio encoding, you’ll definitely have some homework to do.

Price: Free with basic features. Premium offers a choice between a one-time $199 purchase or a monthly subscription starting from around $4 a month. Check out their pricing guide for more info.
Bottom line: Affordable and simple to use, XSplit is a wonderful basic live streaming software package possibility for Windows users preferring technical support, feature updates, and simple plugin customization. Basic encoding knowledge required. Geared towards game streaming.

4). Shadowplay

Shadowplay is a tool that comes bundled with Nvidia GeForce graphics cards. It is intended mainly for gamers. A sort of mix between hardware and software, Shadowplay encodes using the GPU (graphics processing unit) rather than the CPU (central processing unit) used by most streaming software. This means the computer’s performance is almost unaffected, leaving all that CPU power for a great game experience.

nvidia shadowplay

However, Shadowplay lacks many expected features for live streaming today: there are no overlays or scenes with multiple sources. While Shadowplay is a very fast encoder, gamers aren’t completely satisfied with the stream quality of Shadowplay as it tends to blur some of the finer game details.

Sidenote: There is a way to harness Shadowplay’s GPU encoding and stream with all the expected bells and whistles. Shadowplay uses NVidia’s special NvEnc encoder, that is supported in several streaming and recording programs, including OBS.This means you'll be able to stream victimization OBS, and use select the NvEnc encoder to dump the central processor.
nvidia shadowplay

Shadowplay has been praised as a great local recorder. Using a keyboard shortcut, users can automatically record the last few minutes of gameplay.

Price: Free (must have Nvidia graphics card).
Bottom line: Shadowplay is able to give the CPU a real break, so if you have a slower computer or need all available computing power for other demanding applications (especially a video game) – Shadowplay might be the way to go. It is also good for straight-up gameplay recording. If you happen to have an NVidia graphics card – give Shadowplay a try.

5). Lightstream Studio


Lightstream Studio is positioned as a powerful and intuitive live streaming studio in your browser (they are “the Google Docs for live video production,” according to their website). Remember how everything is done in the cloud now? Well, that is exactly how Lightstream Studio works. Sources are captured from your computer, but all the compositing and encoding is done on Lightstream servers. This of course means much less CPU usage on your local machine. Lightstream Studio promises much less CPU usage than other streaming software with the same picture quality.

For a free, cloud-based software, Lightstream has a lot of features including: slick overlays, guest hosting, native support of popular streaming tools (such as Streamlabs), remote scene switching from your phone or tablet, live chat support, and more. Another really cool feature is that all your projects, scenes, and assets are saved in the cloud, so you don’t have to rebuild them every time.


Lightstream Studio selects the best encoding settings available on your computer automatically. This cloud software also monitors the stability of your Internet connection and automatically adjusts the bitrate to keep your stream from buffering.

Price: Free.
Bottom line: If you are live streaming on the go, don’t have a very powerful device, or need your computer’s CPU available for other things – consider using Lightstream Studio.

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