How to make some Extra money daily

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How to Make Some Extra Money Daily

1. Switch banks

What does it pay?

 $150-$200 cash bonus Variable thereafter. Dependent on deposit size and account interest rate. Best online savings account rates have you checked recently to see how much interest you’re earning from the money you have in the bank? For most people, it’s next to nothing.

How to make some Extra money daily

Certain banks are offering new customers exactly that just to form the switch. Discover and Chase banks are but two of the many banks offering such bonuses. Our advice? Read the terms and conditions, find out how long you need to leave your money in the account before unlocking the bonus, and then immediately move your money to another bonus eligible account with another bank.

It’s like travel hacking except for banks. This is super easy to do and only takes 10 minutes of your time. This is a no-brainer way to start making more money today.

2. Deliver groceries with Post mates

what does it pay?

Experienced drivers make up to $27 per hour according to Post mates.

Earn money fast with Post mates As a Post mates courier, you’ll deliver things like groceries, takeout food from restaurants, and even alcohol. Even if you don’t have a car, you can use your bike for deliveries (plus you’ll get a nice workout).

How to Make Some Extra Money Daily

There are no start-up fees or time commitments with Post mates — you can make as much or as little money as you’d like.

To get started:

  • Create your account. Fill up your basic information, a profile picture & proof of identity.
  • Get a welcome kit. Once Post mates verify your identity, they’ll send you a delivery bag and a prepaid card (in the mail) that you’ll use to purchase items.
  • Get the app and go online. Link your prepaid card to the Fleet app, go online, start accepting delivery offers, and get paid.

One perk worth noting: you take home 100% of what you earn for each delivery; furthermore, you can see exactly what you’ll earn before you begin a delivery.

3. Make Swag bucks your default search engine

What does it pay?

Up to $50 per month for active use + earn a $10 sign-up bonus. make and earn extra cash with the swag bucks rewards program Another easy thanks to make money fast is to use Swag bucks as your default program (rather than Bing or Google).

How to Make Some Extra Money Daily

And by doing this, you’ll make some swag bucks points just by spending and searching over the internet like you usually do. You can’t game the system (as they have systems to prevent that), but you can expect to earn 10 to 20 Swag bucks for every 10 to 20 eligible searches you complete. Redeem your Swag bucks for cash via PayPal. 100 SB = $1.00 (or more).

Some extra Ways to make money Swag bucks:

  • Cash back program for internet shopping
  • Take paid online surveys
  • Watching videos Check out our full Swag bucks Review to learn more about the app and the requirements for unlocking their $10 sign-up bonus.

4. Become a Life Points community member

What does it pay?

Between $0.50-$1.00 per completed survey + 10 bonus points. Influence products with life points Similar to Survey Junkie, Life Points rewards members for sharing their opinions on the products and services that they use on a day to day.

How to Make Some Extra Money Daily

The feedback you give them helps the world’s largest companies and makes make alterations to their products for existing and future customers.

In return for your contribution, they award you with Life Points that you simply can redeem for amazing rewards or free gift cards.

Bonus: By registering today, Life Points will give you 10 bonus points immediately.

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